Optimizations Corner: Cleaning up

Koby Gottlieb was instrumental in explaining some important code optimizations in the installment entitled Cleaning Memory and Partial Register Stalls in Your Code. The idea here was to follow up the first installment (where we purposely concentrated on higher level effects on performance with some nitty-gritty code optimizations that reflected specific microarchitectural characteristics of the target platform.

We’re back…

Optimizations.org is back online after a long hiatus.

This blog is meant to serve as a place not only for my rantings and ravings about optimizations (or optimisations for all you Brits out there), but for all thoughts even tangentially related to the subject. While some of the legacy articles concentrated on optimizations for PC code (multimedia and 3D games), we’ll include thoughts on algorithmic optimizations, low-level code optimizations and even search engine optimizations for websites.